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    Google Voice Question

    Angie, maybe it was your phone's reception? I'm guessing since google voice is all digital-it probably had to go through another step by trying to find a tower. Have you tried to set it up in google voice without the app? Log into google voice, click on the gear icon, settings, then add...
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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Barbara, I would look at Lenovo's outlet section or at their thinkcentre computers. They will still build a computer and put windows 7 on it for you. Or if your mom just needs a very basic computer take a look at the google chromebooks. I do agree with everyone windows 8 is awful...
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    Question Which Computer Operating System do you use?

    Linux? Windows 7? or Mountain Lion?
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    Podcast Episode 6: Marketing and Networking for Shy Entrepreneurs - Straight Up Entrepreneur Podcast

    Great Podcast! This will be helpful for both introverts and extroverts. Basically you use your personality style to interact and build your business all by finding your voice.
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    Link Twitter E-books

    I found two e-books that appear to be good beginner resources on how to use twitter in your business. 1) An intro guide to how to use twitter for business 2) How to Attract Customers with Twitter...
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    Google Voice Question

    Candice, Do you use google voice as your sole source for business clients to call or do you have a traditional phone line as well? Have you considered writing a tips and tricks manual for google voice? I'm sure that information would be handy for a lot of individuals.
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    Logo Design

    Great. I will have to check out both links.
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    Logo Design

    So I found a logo designer on and put in a gig request. I'm not too crazy about the logo, so I'm off to the next idea. Is there any easy way to create my own logo? Or is there a place that I can grab some images to use as my logo?
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    Studiopress, Ithemes, or elegant themes?

    Thanks for your detailed response. Seems like a lot of people really enjoy using studiopress and I love the fact that you pay once and get lifetime updates. Is it relatively easy to customize studiopress themes without knowing much code?
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    Studiopress, Ithemes, or elegant themes?

    Trying to figure out what theme I will use to build my web site. Out of these three companies(studiopress, ithemes, or elegant themes), which one of these do most people recommend?
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    Quickbooks Professional Bookkeeper

    Thanks for the recommendations. How does QB, Harvest, and Outright compare with freshbooks?
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    Question Free online service to fill out 1099s?

    I used taxact online last year and it is very similar to turbo tax.
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    New Image/New Brand - No Tag Line - Help!!

    Here are a few ideas: Utilize Skilled Americans (USA) Home soil advantage. Ask what a virtual assistant can do for you (along the lines of ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country) Support the USA, hire an american. Absolute Value Around ( AVA) To...
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    Tagline Generator

    Thanks for posting this site. I played around with it some and some of the combinations it came up with reminded me of Mad Libs. You know that game where you tell someone a verb, adjective, whatever and then you get a crazy story at the end.
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    logo advice

    Sounds like you have already decided what logo you want, but thought I would chime in here anyway. You could use the word THRIVE. Make the T a tall tree and the dot above the I could be an Ivy leaf( just one). It could be purple and gold or something along those lines, if you are set on the...