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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Re: UPDATED Community Terms of Service I have read and understand the changes.
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    MS Office or iWork?

    I use OpenOffice on my Mac and have no issues going back and forth between MS Office on my desktop PC. Its free software and is very user friendly.
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    T Mobile G1 phone or Blackberry?

    I have a blackberry and I love it too!! In fact this is my 3rd one. (Have continued to upgrade over the years!)
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    Do you use an 800#?

    I found this website that is great for comparing companies for 800 #'s, faxes, etc. It was very helpful in deciding which service to use.
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    Real Estate License & REVA

    Hi - I was wondering how many REVA's have their real estate license. Is it needed to be successful as a REVA? I look forward to your replies. Susan
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    New Virtual Assistant - Midwest

    Re: New VA - Midwest Hi Tina and welcome to the VAF. I know you'll find all kinds of information and helpful advise from this site. I have! Susan
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    New Community Member Returns

    Re: New Member Returns Welcome! This forum is a great resource for those of us that are starting out. Best of luck! Susan
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    Brand spanking new to Virtual Assistance

    Hi and welcome! I know the feeling of being scared and overwhelmed. I'm still in the planning stages and get "stage-fright" often. This is a wonderful place for supportive and knowledge friends. Let us know how you're doing. Best of luck on your adventure. Susan
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    Hello from Canada!

    Hi Amanda - welcome to VAF. I'm a newbie as well just getting started and have found everyone here to be very helpful and willing to share their knowledge. Best wishes on your new adventure! Susan
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    Hint Giving a tip can attract clients.

    Hi Jason - what a great idea, thank you for sharing. I will definitely use this approach at my next networking event. Thanks again! Susan
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    Which virtual assistant association to affiliate with?

    Re: Which association to affiliate with? This thread was very informative and thought provoking. Thank you to all who posted their thoughts and suggestions. I'm still in the planning phase and was looking into VA associations and certifications. :thumbsup: I agree that joining local...
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    Question Client login area...?

    Thanks for starting this thread Jules. I learn something new everyday on this forum! Susan
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    I'm new too! :)

    Hi Laura - nice to meet you. I've got two little boys that are my inspiration for starting my VA business so I know what you mean! This is a great forum for information and support. Susan
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    New VA Members

    Hi and Welcome Vera! I'm a newbie too still in the planning phase for my VA business. Nice to meet you, Susan