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    Mac Users

    KieraLacy, also look into VMWare...I have tried parallels and it kept crashing my computer but what ever you use, you really need to have antivirus software on the PC side too and back up
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    Question Logo Advice

    I appreciate the advice. I actually go to the local college so I put it out to one of the instructors that teach this and they are going to make it a contest so we'll see....thanks
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    Question Logo Advice

    Thanks Julie...I am going to look at them now...
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    How do I obtain my first client?

    I just started and I haven't even gotten my website very first lead came from LinkedIn. Originally I had my profile tag say that I was seeking Executive Assistant soon as I changed it to say that I have started a VA business...I started to get requests to connect...once...
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    Mac or PC or Both?

    I have to agree with the cons of splitting your Mac to have PC side...i did that and now I have to make sure that I am also protected on the PC side. Another food for thought's takes up a lot of your RAM to do this...I had to go out and get more RAM.
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read and understood the rules too. Thanks Learning so much!
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    Question Logo Advice

    Hello everyone. My name is Sue and I am very excited! I decided that I am starting my own VA business. I am just in the start up stage and I am trying to think of a logo and branding my image. This is where I need some input from everyone. The name of my company is iGoVirtual Assistant...
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    Mac Users

    I am just starting out as a VA and I am using a MacBook Pro and was wondering the same thing but I also split my Mac and added Windows...I used VMware and so I have both just in case....the only issue that I think may be of concern is that I have Windows XP and it doesn't support the newest...