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    Question Google Voice and Headsets

    Like Julie said, I think any headset will work with google voice. I have two headsets, one that I use with my macbook (has one plug for everything), and the other one I use with my Win PC (has two plugs for the mic and headset). I think I picked them up at Radio Shack. Hope that heps! :)
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    Discovered a GREAT SITE!

    Thansk for sharing! I have to bookmark it.
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    Question Has anyone used VOXOX?

    Patrick, this looks interesting! are you using it now? I think I may try it out and will let you know.
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    Help Selecting Printer!

    I am also intereested in purchasing a new printer. right now I have an HP 6500 Office jet AIO. It works well but I would love to save on the ink cost.
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    VA/Small Business Must Haves

    My must haves are a mobile wifi, an inverter for the car (to charge the computer etc if there is a power outage), external hard drive, a flash drive, recorder for meeting notes, pen and legal pad.
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    In what way does your client send all your tasks?

    Has anyone tried Freecamp yet? I think it is suppose to be similar to basecamp. I also use gmail and dropbox to manage my projects.
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    Question Who's Working at Their Kitchen Table?

    I have an office setup in a converted bedroom. Its nice to get away from everything. My kids are both adults now so I dont have to worry about the interruptions. I do however have a 4 years old shih tzu that insists on sleeping under my desk while I work. She never makes a sound while I an...
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    Question IPhone or Android?

    Thanks everyone for sharing your lists of app!
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    Question Custom Thank you page

    Thanks Lee! I will work on it today.
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    Question Custom Thank you page

    I am working on my WordPress website and have a question. I would like to create a custom webpage for visitors to see once they have completed the contact form and hit submit. Something that says "Thanks you for contacting SGF we will contact you as soon as possible." Can someone tell me how...
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    Question Coworking...... Networking

    I really like the idea of getting out of the office sometimes and working in the different location. Just the other day, I ventured out to a location and got to meet with some other small business owners. It was great!
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    New Member

    Welcome:welcome: You will learn alot here. Good luck with your business.:)
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    Hello all! Newbie here.

    Welcome Candice. I love the business name and tagline! You will learn a lot from this forum.
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    Oby virtual services introduction

    Welcome Oby! You will love this forum. There is a ton of info and very helpful individuals here to help. Enjoy!
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    New Colorado VA

    Welcome to the forum! Lots of great info here.