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    Question Archiving of old threads?

    I noticed that the forums are full of old threads. I understand that a lot are still relevant, but there are pages and pages of entries. Will the forums ever be "cleaned up"? Thanks!
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    Let's talk about subcontracting

    I've expressed interest in being a subcontractor with a couple of VAs, but no takers yet. :( I'm in the same boat as you. Trying to start my business & figured this would be the best way. Good luck!
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    I would agree to bartering but only if it was done beforehand and in an agreement. That guy is just trying to get you "paid" without paying. Of course, if you have a special event coming up, it might be worth getting the gift card & calling it quits with the client. I was thinking of...
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    Virtual Assistants for bloggers

    Re: VAs for bloggers Check out I just put an "ad" on that website.
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    Become a Virtual Assistant eBook

    Re: Virtual Assistant handbook The book is WONDERFUL! It really helped with making sure I have covered everything in starting my business.
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    Question How long before you got your first client?

    Thank you everyone for your input. I was just getting a little discouraged last week, but already this week feel like it will work out.
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    Convert PDFs to Word Docs

    FYI - I just tried - GREAT PROGRAM! It did exactly what I needed and was fast with the e-mail back to me.
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    Question How long before you got your first client?

    Question for established VAs - How long was it before you got your first client? How did you get that first client? I have started promoting my business on LinkedIn and have started reaching out to specific connections (along with some "cold calling" to see about possible partnerships). The...
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    Welcome Packet Contents

    This is a great thread! I am currently working on my Welcome Packet & got some good ideas from here! Thank you!:applause:
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    Convert PDFs to Word Docs

    I just tried out PDFEscape and thought it worked great. I did a copy and paste into word which worked fine for me. I am going to checkout the PDFtoWord though.
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    Question Where do most of your new clients come from?

    I"m interested in the results! With just starting my business, I assume a lot of business will come from networking.