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    You Suck at Photoshop - video tutorials (two seasons) Hilarious, educational!

    Holy Crow! I nearly fell out of my chair! Hubby can't understand what was so funny... So I married an engineer...
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    How did you learn website development/design?

    Got my Dreamweaver and HTML training through Parsons School of Design in NYC. However I am sorry that I did not keep up with Flash. Thankfully, there is a new media guru here in my town that I am great friends that I can pick his brain from time to time.
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    Form Creation Software

    Never heard of them. I use Adobe Live Cycle.
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    Anyone Have A Retainer Contract or Addendum?

    I have a current client whom I did a small job recently and was quite happy. From the sound of our conversation today he might have a LOT more work for me, many project related. I never had the need to do a retainer and discount agreement, but now it looks like it would wise and beneficial...
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    Cell Phone Deduction

    I do not use my house phone, rather Skype. Also I have 2 cell phones on my account but would split the bill since my husband uses the other one. I would even knock off a percentage of the personal use (which isn't much) if the IRS might cause a stink over it. Thanks for the input. Someone...
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    Cell Phone Deduction

    I am catching up on my expenses and I was wondering if cell phone usage is deductible? If so, what percentage if it is sometimes used for personal? Thanks!
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    Timers - What do you use? user here as well. Easy to set up and edit as necessary.
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    I use MailChimp since I only send out my newsletters 4x a year and my mailing list is still relatively small. I use the credit option, rather than the monthly fee. I love the templates they offer and it is relatively easy to work with. If I had to go with the monthly option for any...
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    Merchant Circle - Very Disappointing

    Same here. Originally I would offer setting up MC for a client at no additional charge because I get a fair amount of traffic though them. Now I am holding off until I see what transpires out of this latest mess.
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    Merchant Circle Verification

    I got that same phonecall about two days ago. I checked in and found that the verification badge cost 38.99 a year and no such customer record asking if I was a reputable business. Not good about the phone call, but good to know I am not the only one who got the message. What irks me is...
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    Formal Greeting Question/Challenge

    I checked his website and he just refers himself a Chef, not Executive Chef. So yes, I sent the letter to his attention in the format stated above. Thanks for the help! Not to convince my husband to take me there for our anniversary.
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    Formal Greeting Question/Challenge

    After 23 years of being an admin, I am struck with a letter-writing greeting first that I hope someone might have had experience. I need to send a sales letter to a chef who actually I know fairly well (he knows me by my face, not my name). Here's the question, do I open the letter as: 1...
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    Incoming phone call issues for Deaf VA

    Hey Ladies! I just tried Sprint's Web Captel. After signing up (free), I keyed in my phone number, then the number I tried to call on the website, Sprint called me first, then connected with my other caller. The darn thing works! I was able to read my caller's speech word for word on my web...
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    What do you wear when you're working?

    Most of the time I wear blue jeans or khakis and a plain sweatshirt or button shirt. I always wear a pair of shoes as it sets my mindset to 'get to work'. However my husband, who is a school teacher is about to be home for the summer and this is the first year that the whole family will be...
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    Anyone take Adobe Photoshop classes?

    I took certification courses and it was an accredited institution, I purchased full-featured software at student discount. Photoshop is a very powerful program and would highly recommend taking a course as there are lots of features to tinker with. The books from the library are a great help...