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    It's cold in South Africa

    Hi Marietjie, I am looking forward to building relationships with these great people on this board also. Like Lily said there is a wealth of information here and everyone is so ready and willing to help. Evelyn
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Nicole, This is the best place to be!! This forum is full of useful information and can answer a lot of your questions. Good luck to you! Evelyn
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    Free E-Courses

    These are great resources, thank you. Evelyn
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    Good Sites to Start Virtual Assistant Job Search

    Re: Good Sites to Start VA Job Search This is a great suggestion, have you tried this yet? Evelyn
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    Question Virtual Assistant Directory

    I have been contemplating this also. I think the price sounds fair especially with the book included. Evelyn
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    Tip Here's A Lesson: There Might Be a Test Later

    Sorry you had to go through that. Thanks for the warning. Evelyn
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    Hi. I'm new

    Hi Tammy, Wow, its great that you are already blogging what a great start! This is a great forum and loaded with valuable information. Good luck to you! Evelyn
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    New Beginnings

    Hi Shakeena, I am also a recent graduate and plan to use it to my advantage with my new business. Best of luck to you! Evelyn
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    Taking the First Step

    Hi Paula, Welcome to the forum, I come here often and always find useful information. Good luck to you! Evelyn
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    Brag My logo is done!!

    The logo looks great! I am considering using logonerds, glad to hear everyone was happy with them. Evelyn
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    Question Has anyone tried walking into local companies to offer your services? What kind of response?

    I have often thought of marketing myself in my area, but the one thing that stops me is the thought of introducing myself to the receptionist. I definetly dont want to offend anyone. Has anyone ever ran into this problem? I would love to try the Walk & Talk method. Evelyn
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    Getting started as a Virtual Assistant CHECKLIST - what to do?

    Awesome list, thank you Tess! I am very thankful for this forum and cannot imagine starting my business without it. Evelyn
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    Big Steps

    Pauline, I thought your website is very nice! I am in the process of creating my first website and have the same concerns you do. Good luck to you. Evelyn
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    So, I redid my whole site. What do you think?

    April, This is by far one of the best site's I have seen. Professional and informative, thanks for being an inspiration. Evelyn
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    Hello from Northern Colorado

    Hi Kim, Good luck with the launching of your business! I wish you great success. I am looking forward to the start of my business by the end of January. Evelyn