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    When meeting a potential client...

    Anything that will demonstrate your work, and I would have some leading questions to find out what they are looking for.
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    How to grow your newsletter list

    This list has a lot of ideas that I had not considered before. What a great resource to share!
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    Networking Expo

    Your 30 second commercial perfected. Call to action for sure and go with the goal of helping other not how they can help you.
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    Need help figuring out my Niche!!

    I would also ask people when they think of you and your strengths what do they say? They might provide some advice that you were not thinking about.
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    When asked why you chose to be a Virtual Assistant...

    Re: When asked why you chose to be a VA... When I first read the post, I thought it was like when you are interviewing, they ask you why you are interested in the job. I think it depends, if it's more rhetorical, probing or information seeking. I would answer simply, I am a professional...
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    What do you find is the greatest demand?

    I am beginning to explore possibilities to supplement while I work from home. What have you found to be the greatest need of your clients? Or as I read, I see several specialize in an area. If I were take classes to enhance my VA resume, what computer skills do you feel are needed?
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I understand and have read this, I think I have updated my signature.
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I think I have updated it appropriately. I understand the rules.
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    Question Sub-contracting?

    Networking and making a list of your possible services to share at the networking meetings is my recommendation.
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    Feedback on my tagline, please!

    I would err on #2 to avoid an insult, if it's in your gut, there is a chance it might offend another. However (as a contrast) who would you like to attract as a customer? Unproductive professional? How would yo describe your perfect client? That might help with your tag line.