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    Transcription guidelines?

    This are all wonderful suggestions. I've considering adding transcription to my services, but only Spanish and this is a great place to start.
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    How much do you charge?

    Re: Pay Rate Hi Julia!!! Interesting post. I just started my VA business and my target clients are Small Business and Independent Professional. You made a good point and it is something to keep in mind. Thank you!
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    Need honest review of website!

    Hi April!! Loved your site... I just launched mine also and know it can be very stressful!! I think your site looks good and it is very easy to navigate....
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    How to receive audio files from transcription clients?

    Re: How to receive audio files from clients? I am interested on doing Spanish transcriptions. Can I use dropbox to receive the files? And also, can I just download a FTP software??
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    Paypal Phishing Scam

    Interesting to read this... Like OpTeam, I had my Paypal Account hacked a long, long time ago. I ended up closing it, but I remember receiving lots of email from some strange "paypal" email asking me to verify my info. Not your traditional paypal verification.
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    Tiki Toki

    I was reading some post on Twitter and came across this neat and useful tool. It makes sharing your timelines with you clients a little more creative and "fancy". CAn't wait to use it myself and hope everyone enjoys it!!
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    New to blogging

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering, if I start my VA Blog... do I only write about business?? Or can I add posts about current events, daily life or "fun" topics?? I don't want it to look unprofessional. Thank you for any advice!
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    Can you please review my site?

    Hi Patty!! You can go to the same page I just added some extra details. Still working on it! Thank you so much for your feedback!
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    Can you please review my site?

    Thank you again for all the great constructive feedback. I already made some adjustments and updates.... Thanks again!
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    Hello from Raleigh, NC!!

    Thank you Tess!!! This is a great forum and community. I have learned so much so far and it has only been a month :applause:... Thank you so much!!
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    Facebook, Linked In, etc.

    This is a follow up from the other post!! I set up my LinkedIn account recently... Does anyone knows the most effective way to use it?? I am very new to it and I am kind of at a lost on how to use it... Thanks!
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    Virtual Office Temps - feedback on VOT?

    Hello Everyone!! I am so glad to come across this post. I did signed up to try to get some work. The interesting thing is that every job post they have has a list of requiered office equipment and they say that you must have a credit check ????? Fishy, fishy... needless to say that after I...
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    I'm New and glad I'm here!

    Welcome Terri!! I love your introduction!! I also just started my business and I want to wish you the best in this new journery!! Jessica
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    Hello from Raleigh, NC!!

    I am so glad to find a community where I can learn and also share my knowledge. I just started my own business ~ JYG Virtual Assistant ~ and also work part time as an Administrative Assistant. I hope to share lots accomplishments with my fellow VA's!! :juggle: Jessica...
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    Free Bookkeeping Training Course

    Great find!! Thank you for the post! I just started my VA business and also work part time as an AA and do some light bookeeping. This will be a great source to add to my skills. Jessica