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    Most requested tasks for REVAs?

    Hello, These posts have helped alot, I am also going into RE as an Assistant and need to start off with little projects, to get going with things. I have worked with one client and he taught a few little things.
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    Hello from Indiana!

    Hello Hoosiers, I just wanted to let you all know that if you are from Indiana few of us are holding a virtual meeting so we can connect on a personal level and help each other out. We will discuss business, share ideas, and to form a closer networking group. If your interested contact me.
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    Question Indiana Tax Question

    tlvest35- or any others that would like to join our discussion group, please look me up on facebook at: or Google + at: , I want to try to get a virtual meeting going either this week or...
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    Question Indiana Tax Question

    Tamara, Hello again- are you on facebook or google hang outs, I know that fb give you instant messaging and google has chat sessions. Let me know which you want to go on then we can start virtual meetings. This is also for anyone else that would like to join us!
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    Question Indiana Tax Question

    I am also from Indiana, and I have a meeting with the Score branch on Wednesday. Also would like what advice the accountant has on this information. For the ladies thats from Indiana, which part of the state you in? Maybe we could all have virtual meetings and share ideas.
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    Networking Checklist

    I think you all right, it's about just getting out there and talking to others make it about them and you will see if there interested, because they will also want to know about you if they are interested.
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    Do you refer to yourself as a 'Virtual Assistant'?

    I am in Indiana, not a lot of people, get what virtual assistant is. I do still use term virtual assistant, or sometimes an assistant on computers. I am just starting out, and I to prefer the lifestyle.
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I understand and agree! I think this will be a great place.