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    Hello all from the Gulf Coast

    Thanks Minty--nice to meet you -- how long have you been doing this. I know you said you were new. I'm just curious Cheers
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    Read and understood -- thank you for the post update
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    Disaster Preparedness

    I think it would be a great idea to keep a flash drive with all important data bases and info stored (and updated weekly) incase of emergencies
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    Non Compete Agreement...

    I was wondering if you guys use a non compete agreement in your contracts? just curios cheers
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    Is There An Easy Way to Proofread

    I like using Ginger. It helps quite a bit with proofreading.
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    How important is WordPress

    Thanks for the reply. This is definitely something I will pursue
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    How important is WordPress

    Is using wordpress really that important and do most of you use it. This is something new for me and while I am weeding my way through it, I am failing to see how it can relate to VA services. Can someone help me out with this please? (I know I can google it, but I rather direct my question to...
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    Link free sample templates

    Thanks for the great links everyone. This will really help me understand what I need to put into my contracts and how to word them (we dont want any loopholes lol)
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    Virtual Assistant Forms

    Thanks for the great information. I didn't even think about using a contract until I started reading here. Thanks
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    Hello all from the Gulf Coast

    Thanks. I did a bit more yesterday. Right now, I am trying to work on pricing. So I am checking other websites to get a general idea of what they charge per hour and for the packages that they offer. As soon as I am done with that, i will post my site in the website section. I always welcome...
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    What's on your home office wish list?

    For me it would be a new L shaped desk or a U shaped desk with a new chair too. With lots of space and 2 different filing cabinets (one for work and one for home items - bills, paperwork, insurance things). I also want a dual monitor system that way I can work on multitasking. Some other...
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    Hello all from the Gulf Coast

    Hi, I am Jennifer Mullins and I am new to the VA world. I am just getting started - trying to finish up my website. At least I have my .com name already ( I am looking forward to chatting and getting to know some of you to learn all that I can. I live down here...
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    Question So many courses!

    This is something I would like to know as well
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    VAF Community Terms of Service

    I have read them and will adhere to them, thanks.