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  • I'm still at the stage of marketing myself, because I had a few set backs after launching my business. I'm hoping my efforts will be successful one of these days. In the meantime I've been enjoying learning new skills.

    I'm still undecided about going to the conference this year, but you've reminded me to check out what will be happening at the conference.
    Hi Bev

    I'm doing well. I've just looked at your website - really nice! (can't send a PM yet as I don't have enough posts made - only joined a few days ago!)

    How is business going for you?

    Are you going to the conference this year? I'm bringing along another VA friend from West Devon and staying at the Greswolde Hotel, along the road a bit from the main conference hotel but half the price.

    If you are going, would be good to touch base and catch up.

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