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    Should a new Virtual Assistant offer services for free to get started?

    I too thought NO NO NO !! you never want to set up the expectation that you will do work for free. You want to be respected so please don't do this. Instead you can find clients at a lower price point than you may want to eventually get to, but even then don't sell yourself short. You are...
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    How to find clients via LinkedIn?

    Janine, don' t mean to hijack this post but does the PULSE pull the posts from your RSS on your blog or do you have to post them there on LI separately?
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    Author's Assistant niche

    I too am an author and work with authors, speakers and coaches. I do a lot of social media, book promoting, creating of landing and sales pages, etc. It is a truly fun niche. Good lucK!
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    Please review my new website

    The only thing that I recommend is some more color. Maybe some stock images on the pages to represent your services. The pages are ALL text most people are going to glaze over and click off. Alyssa
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    Question Multiple email addresses as a VA?

    I currently use gmail but have multiple email addresses for my own domain as well as on the domains of some of my clients such as I pull all of them into my Gmail account and use filters and labels. It works great. Alyssa
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    FREE OFFER to build list??

    We provide the following technical and administrative services to our clients. Mailing List Set up Opt In , Squeeze Page, Sales Page and Thank you Page Creation Autoresponder Set up for Freebies or Ebooks Scheduling blog posts WordPress Website Creation Wordpress Website Monthly Maintenance...
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    FREE OFFER to build list??

    Hi all I'm wanting to create a FREE offer to build my list as I will be coming back to my VA business full time in MAY. As of right now I am working full time so my old strategy of offering a free consult wouldn't work until then. What's something I could offer until then to get my list...
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    Question about working with Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

    Tobias, What term do you use instead? I'd love to know! Thanks, Alyssa:seeya:
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    Question about working with Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

    Susan, How did you go about getting these clients?
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    Question about working with Local Brick and Mortar Businesses

    Hi All I'm considering advertising locally to try and find some brick and mortar clients, but need help brainstorming what it is I could provide. What are services you might do if you as a VA work with brick and mortar businesses? Email Monitoring (is that what you'd call it) Social...
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    hello from Mississippi

    Hi Angela I am a long time virtual assistant from Mississippi. I live in North Central MS. WELCOME! Alyssa
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    Looking for Experienced VA Mentor / Coach - who do you recommend?

    I am looking for a VA mentor or coach to help take my business to the next level. Last year I tried the multi-VA model and I feel like I didn't do well with it. I have the basics down pat as well as some areas of specialization, but taking it to the next level is where I need help. Who do...
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    Creating a template

    I have word 2013 is there one for that?
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    Creating a template

    I have a question about creating a template. I want to create an editable template in Word or Open Office but I only want certain pieces to be editable I don't want the person to otherwise be able to edit that document. Can you tell me how to do this? Thanks
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    VA Hopeful

    Best of luck with the start of your business. This business is a great one to be a part of.